Osteopathy can be used to help animals too, and Helen is qualified to treat dogs and well as people. 

Canine osteopathy works using the same principles as human osteopathy, and is a system of medicine that uses physical techniques to treat the dog as a whole, rather than focusing on a single area. Techniques are modified to account for the changes in the dog’s anatomy compared to our anatomy. This is to correct mechanical imbalances within and between the structures (muscles, bones, ligaments organs and fascia) of the body and thus improve function.

Osteopaths look at the underlying cause of the problem and try and restore balance. It can help dogs of any age, from puppy to elderly, cope with many problems and conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, such as muscle stiffness, spasm, tendonitis or ligament sprains, including minor orthopaedic problems. Also developmental and degenerative problems can result in pain or stiffness, with compensatory gait changes (how a dog walks/trots) in the animal.

Osteopaths always work in conjunction with the dog’s veterinary surgeon and by law must obtain consent from the Vet before treating your dog.

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