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We are open again for business, with a few changes.......


The Government restrictions imposed with the lockdown in March resulted in me closing my practice as I felt it was the right thing to do to prevent any further possible spread of the Coronavirus.  We have now been advised by the Institute of Osteopathy that if we have taken the necessary precautions, carried out a full risk assessment and put into place all necessary changes, then Osteopathic clinics can open once again. Fortunately, I have been busy preparing for this situation and I anticipate having all the necessary requirements in place within the next few days.



As a result of these guidelines and the ongoing situation with Covid-19 there have been many changes at Wenham Osteopathy, and in the way that I will be seeing patients.


I would ask you to arrive promptly for your appointment and stay in your car until I come out to collect you. This will avoid anyone needing to be in the rather small waiting room and allow patients to maintain the respectful 2m distance apart. I will ask you to go straight into the treatment room and will open all necessary doors for you, reducing the need for you to touch any door handles. I will also be staggering appointments, with a gap of 15 minutes between each session, allowing me to clean the clinic room, furniture and high contact touch points between each patient. I have eliminated all linens to ensure everything you touch is freshly cleaned.


As I cannot keep the safe 2m distance from you, I will be wearing full PPE to prevent me unknowingly transmitting COVID-19, in line with the standards set by Public Health England. For some techniques, it may be necessary for you to wear a face mask too, however this can be discussed at the time.


Please can you make payment for the treatment by contactless, or by BACS. I can provide my bank details if required.


I have added these measures to keep all my patients, myself and my family safe through the COVID-19 crisis and to make sure you feel confident to attend your appointment.


When I reopen on 1st June, I will be ready to welcome you back to clinic and help you live a healthy and pain-free life. Please do feel free to get in touch either before, or any time after this date if you would like to make an appointment to see me.

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